3 Rivers to Cuba screening at Carnegie Museum on 3/23/17

I’m super excited to have been invited to present the 3 Rivers to Cuba documentary short at the first Carnegie Discoverers event of 2017. This is a special program that comes with membership to Carnegie Museums, and focuses on many topics related to natural history (including anthropology).
I’m looking forward to another round of feedback as I head back to editing the film into a longer version (at least 60 minutes) next month.  Look for additional screenings that I hope to schedule over the summer months!  If your group or venue would like to host a free screening, please email me: spinninggoat@gmail.com.

– Chris, Director




3 Rivers to Cuba to be featured at March’s Documentary Salon at Pgh Filmmakers

Chris, founder and director of Spinning Goat Productions, will be presenting the 3 Rivers to Cuba documentary short at the next Pgh Filmmakers Documentary Salon on March 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm.  This is a chance to see the doc on the big screen, and hear more about Chris’s trials and triumphs in traveling to Cuba and getting this film made.  She is also interested in getting feedback on this work in progress. More work is planned for both the film and a photo project.


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#indie #documentary #Cuba “3 Rivers to Cuba” documentary short online November 25!!

9/18/17: UPDATE: I am re-editing the 3 Rivers to Cuba documentary in early 2018, so stay tuned for updates on the new version.

Good news! The wait is almost over.

The 40 minute documentary short “3 Rivers to Cuba,” featuring Kenya C. Dworkin, Teanna Medina, Noël Quintana, Boris Balsindes Urquiola, Juan Antonio Madrazo, and Manuel Cuesta Morúa will be available to watch for FREE on both youtube and vimeo starting November 25, 2016.

This project highlights the ties between Pittsburgh, PA and Cuba, through interviews with local community superstars who share and celebrate Cuban music, dance, culture and religion, as well as Cuban artists and advocates. A specific focus is on the contributions of Africans to Cuban culture and community, and tracing the African heritage in Latin music and dance. Additionally, work that has been done locally in Pittsburgh to support the Afrodescendiente (people of African descent) movement in Cuba will be explored.

In June 2016, the Spinning Goat crew (Chris Mason and Brenda Sólkez) traveled to Cuba, documenting music, dance and culture in Santiago de Cuba and Havana. They interviewed Manuel Cuesta Morúa, a historian, and Juan Antonio Madrazo, an advocate in the Afrodescendiente movement. In Pittsburgh, interviews with Teanna Medina, an Orisha dancer, founder of Yemaya Pittsburgh and a community organizer; Kenya C. Dworkin, a Cuban teacher, translator and activist, and Noel Quintana, a conga drummer and Cuban music aficionado round out the piece and show the rich connections that people in Pittsburgh, PA have with Cuba and its people and culture. In August 2016, Cuban artist and producer Boris Balsindes Urquiola was in Pittsburgh for an artist residency, and will add his perspective of growing up in a poor neighborhood in Havana, and the importance of art, identity and expression.

“3 Rivers to Cuba” is an independently produced documentary by Spinning Goat Productions, with support from Advancing the Black Arts Pittsburgh grant through The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation.


3 Rivers to Cuba documentary short entered into film festivals in Philly & NOLA

Now that the short version (39 minutes) of the documentary is completed, it is being entered into festivals around the country, starting with the Big Easy International Film Festival, held in New Orleans, LA in January 2017, and The Women’s Film Festival held in Philadelphia, PA in March 2017. More festival entries will be completed in November, and I’m hoping to schedule at least one more Pittsburgh screening in 2016.

The journey continues….

Thank you,


Founder and Director

Spinning Goat Productions


“3 Rivers to Cuba” short documentary wrapping up post-production this month

After a much needed break to decompress, after a whirlwind year of travel, production and editing, I will get back to fine-tuning and finishing the short version of “3 Rivers to Cuba” documentary for entry into several festivals this weekend in LA, Philly, and Toronto.  The 30+ minute documentary short will continue to be screened locally into early 2017. Please email me at spinninggoat@gmail.com to host a screening at no charge! I have a projector and speaker, so we can hold a screening anywhere!

Work will continue on a feature length version (approx. 80 minutes) for release in early 2017. My hope is that the feature will serve to leverage additional funding to continue to build this project, working with artists, musicians and activists in Cuba, and in the U.S., further reinforcing and creating new partnerships through the documentary, and continue to educate viewers about historical and current African contributions to Cuban culture, and the struggles and successes of the Afrodescendiente movement in Cuba (and Latin America).

The documentary short will also be posted online for free viewing in November 2016, so if you are unable to attend a screening, you can watch it there! The first version will be in English with English subtitles, but I plan to release a version with Spanish subtitles as soon as I can get it translated!

I look forward to ending this first chapter, and look forward to many, many more chapters in the future! Thank you to everyone who has helped, and continues to help and provide support, especially Kenya C. Dworkin, Noel Quintana, and Boris Balsindes Urquiola.

“3 rivers to Cuba” Trailer:

Extended 10 min trailer for “3 Rivers to Cuba” now online!

“3 Rivers to Cuba” documentary trailers are online!

Indie documentary produced by Spinning Goat Productions, that highlights the connections between Pittsburgh and Cuba through music, culture, and civil rights work. Traces the African influence in Cuban history and culture.

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX3qfM4Xrak
extended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiSX_h8hVkQ